Haryana Saraswati Heritage Development Board

    The Haryana Sarasvati Heritage Development Board (HSHDB) with its registered Head office at Chandigarh/Panchkula has constituted by Government of Haryana State vide Notification no. 1/13-2015-1PP, dated 12.10.2015 with the following Aims and Objectives of the Haryana Sarasvati Heritage Development Board:

    1. To initiate, promote and support research in the field of Sarasvati Heritage.
    2. To assist in the preservation and restoration of Sarasvati Heritage.
    3. To raise awareness about richness and importance of the Sarasvati Heritage.
    4. To develop Tourism and a Cultural corridor along the course of Sarasvati Heritage Area paleochannels.
    5. To revitalize sacred areas and take up façade improvement of surrounding areas for safety/ stability/ conservation in the Sarasvati Heritage Area.
    6. To construct and develop water bodies in and around the Sarasvati Heritage Area.
    7. To assist Government of India or any institution or body established by Government of India for interlinking of the Sarasvati Saraovar with canal, water streams, or for utilization of ground water paleaochannels in the Sarasvati Heritage Area.
    8. To create effective linkages between tourism and cultural facilities by developing tourism circuits and conservation of natural resources in the Sarasvati Heritage Area.
    9. To coordinate with all enforcement agencies to stop dumping of sewage/industrial water into Sarasvati creek by way of providing alternative disposal mechanism and for removal of illegal encroachments.
    10. To ensure effective coordination between the Government of Haryana and related Ministries/ Departments of Government of India for speedy completion of ongoing and new projects related to the Sarasvati Heritage Area.
    11. To develop and revive the existing Sarasvati Creek for irrigation, sanitation, recharging of ground water, plantation, development of herbal parks, landscaping to preserve/protect the environment and to ensure soil conservation.
    12. To establish Museums, Libraries and Research institutions for Sarasvati Heritage Studies.
    13. To support research documents, compile research papers, publication of books, journals, monographs and reports etc. pertaining to Sarasvati Heritage
    14. To pursue with educational institutions for inclusion of the knowledge of Sarasvati Heritage in curricula.
    15. To develop and publish books and booklets in different languages for student readership pertaining to Sarasvati Heritage.
    16. To offer research scholarships and stipends pertaining to Sarasvati Heritage.
    17. To establish Interpretation and Exploration Centres, Research Centres, Cultural Spaces etc. in the Sarasvati Heritage Area.
    18. To establish Research institutes for classical ancient disciplines like Ayurveda,Yoga etc.
    19. To provide academic assistance to persons/institutions working in the study of Sarasvati River, language, scripts and Sarasvati Heritage.
    20. To conduct meticulous field work to unearth and understand the past and the present content of Sarasvati Heritage in Haryana for the exposition of cultural patterns and values.
    21. To set up a specialized digital multi-faceted library and digital mapping/scanning of record /documents and to create digital website for the Sarasvati Heritage Board.
    22. To network and build partnership with various institutions and organizations working in and outside the state in line with the objectives of the Sarasvati Heritage Board.
    23. For disseminating and exchanging knowledge organize seminars, conferences, workshops, special lectures, etc. on relevant themes pertaining to Sarasvati Heritage at the National and International level.
    24. To organize an annual festival “Sarasvati Mahotsva” on the occasion of Basant Panchmi on the lines of the Geeta Jyanti Mahotsva to create cultural awareness.
    25. Development of a Sarasvati Cultural Information Centre and Museum.
    26. Development of basic facilities in the Sarasvati Heritage Area including uninterrupted electric supply, sanitation, hospitals, potable water, irrigation, educational institutions, drainage, waste management, sewage disposal system and to develop linkages with nearby cities.
    27. Development of amusement places, parks, car parking, coffee shops, restaurants, handicrafts centres and other tourism based infrastructure for tourist attraction in Sarasvati Heritage Area.
    28. Developing a land use perspective plan of the Sarasvati Heritage Area.
    29. Creating cultural awareness among the local residents.
    30. To acquire movable or immovable property for the Sarasvati Heritage Board provided that prior approval of the State Government be obtained for immovable property.
    31. Promoting and publishing biographies of scholars who have contributed to the study of Sarasvati Heritage.
    32. To maintain effective liaison with the Archaeological Survey of India other related National/International Institutions.
    33. To maintain effective liaison with organizations such as UNESCO and conduct exchange visits of scholars/ researchers to other states of India.
    34. To invite cultural leaders, scholars, scientists and creative artists to participate in the on going research and programmes/projects in the Saraswati Heritage Area.
    35. To undertake any research/programme/project/scheme as may be required in furtherance of the Board’s aims and objectives

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