Objectives & Functions

    • Objective
      • To preserve, promote and perpetuate the traditional cultural forms and practices as well as artistic manifestations including folklore, literature, indigenous crafts and allied cultural expressions of the Haryana.
      • To create the awareness about the cultural expressions at school level by establishing cultural centres. Also to develop modern infra-structure.
      • Library is a treasure house of knowledge and is capable of meeting almost all the information needs of people. The libraries also create the awareness of cultural heritage, appreciation of the art, scientific achievement and innovation among the users of the library and therefore library movement needs to be supported.
    • Short Term Goals
      • To encourage Haryana Folk artists by providing financial assistance to revive,preserve and protect the Haryanvi culture that has produced various folk art forms and folk music and folklores in the State of Haryana.
      • To achieve absolute excellence in the field of Art, Culture, Music, Dance, Drama etc. by way of providing support to the artists and art organisation.
      • To support the need of the people in creating and strengthening the reading habit especially among children at very young age. It provides its clientele with facilities of learning, research, enlightment, creativity and use of latest technology to enhance the information access and retrieval.