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BLOCK Level Competitions

Competitons are being organized by the Department of Art and Cultural Affairs Haryana in the various blocks of Panchkula District.

Date: 5th and 6th October 2021

Applications of Artists are invited from the Pinjore, Morni, Barwala and Raipur Rani Blocks to participate in the competitions based on Performing Art and Visual Art , Panchkula.

Terms and Conditions:-
1.   In these competitions only Artists from 15 to 25 years of age can participate.
2.   Participant Artist must be a residence of Haryana.
3.   First, Second and Third prize will be given in each Blocks.
4.  Team leader/artist needs to send their details through email or through registered post by by 5 PM on September 24,2021 with their name and name of other participating artists including Address, Mobile Number, E-Mail, Aadhar Card, Pan Card including the copies of required docs to participate in the competition and must bring all the docs on the day of competition. 5.  Brief self attested copies of documents. At least 5 applications in each block and in each discipline are mandatory.

                                                                                                      Performing Art:- 

Art Form               Competition Title

1. Music                     Haryana Folk Song

2. Dance                    Haryanvi Folk Dance

3. Theatre                 Short Play(Skit) based on Social Subjects 

Terms and Conditions:-

1. In one team maximum 15 Artists can participate. Presentation is mandatory in the Traditional Haryanavi dress(8 Dancers, 2 Singer and 3-4 Musicians).
2. Use of Filmy tunes are prohibited. Live presentation is mandotory.
3. Recording of any type is prohibited.
4. Presentation Duration in Singing and Dancing will be of  5 to 6 minutes and Duration is 7 to 8 min for presentation in Theatre 

Prize Amount for each block in Performing Art:-

First Prize : 20,000/-

Second Prize:- 15,000/-

Third Prize :-10,000/-

                                                                                                     Visual Art:- 

Art Form                   Competition Title                                                                                                                                                                               Time Duration:-  

1. Painting                     Painting Based on Haryanvi Culture. Department will only provide the Cottage Sheet                                                                        3 Hours

2. Sculpture                   Carving in Clay Modeling (Realistic/Abstract) P.O.P., Metal, Wood Stone etc based on Haryanvi Culture                                     5 Hours

                                         Size 1' X 1' X 1' Foot and P.O.P. Toyal Carving 12"X12"X12" inch 

Prize Amount for each block in Performing Art:-

First Prize     :-         4,000/-

Second Prize:-          3,000/-

Third Prize   :-          2,000/-



No TA/DA will be given to the participants.

1.   Participants must bring furnishings, tools and important material on their own.

2.   Informtion regarding Venue  for competiton will be provided via Telephone, E-Mail, Letter.

 3.   Comments promoting indecent, casteist, communal sentiments are prohibited during the Competition.



You all are informed that the draft of the Niyamavali has been prepared by the Department of Art and Cultural Affairs, Haryana and has been put on the web site of the department. All the stakeholders kindly look into it and kindly send their valuable suggestions to the department's E-mail ID.

You all are requested to please read the whole Niyamavali and send valid Suggestions at the earlist. 

Last date for Suggestions is 30.08.2021.


DownlaodTo download the Niyamavali :- Click Here