Gugga Pir

Guggapir Festival

Gugga Naumi Festival is a religious festival that is celebrated all throughout Haryana and is related to snake worshipping. The festival or the ritual usually takes place in the month of August and September. Gugga Pir or also known as the Baggar Wala is woven with a number of legends. Zahir Pir or the saint is also woven with the legends. Gugga Pir is known as Bagga Walla because of the fact that his grave was located near the Dadrewa near Ganga Nagar. It is known to be believed that a snake bite can cure people easily. The shrine is differentiated by squared minarets and roofs that are doomed. It is also called the Mari.

Gugga fairs are held in various places including Bawal, Asadpur, Bikaner, Dharuhere, Darauli, Surora, Jatusana, Rohria, Turkiawas, Nautana, Bawana, Kuksi, Kanina, Pathewara, Bawania, Maupura, Hudiana, Kauwi, Nagal, Chaudhary, Ateli and Narnaul. A long bamboo with peacock plumes, coconut and colored threads, blue flag mark and hand fans shows the beginning of the celebrations. This is commonly known as the fly flap or the Charri. On Sawan’s 9th day of the month, there is a procession carried out by the saints all throughout the village with drums. Obeisance is offered in the form of churmas during the Gugga Naumi Festival.

There are at least 5 devotees who are the main dancers of the festival. They sing and praise the pir that is followed by various instruments including dholak, manjiras, chimta, deru and cymbal dance. There is tune and rhythm and shedding of tears by beating the chest and iron chains. It is believed that if the snake bit a human being, Gugga was neglected. The singers who sing devotional songs are found in various villages including Matlauda, Kalan, Richhpur, Samalkha and many other adjoining areas.

Gugga Naumi Festival is celebrated right after Janmasthami. They are mostly popular in the states of Punjab and Haryana. The festival falls usually in the month of August. Gugga Pir is known to have supernatural powers in possession that can cure anyone in need. Gugga is also celebrated in Andhra Pradesh and especially from the months of January till September. The festival is celebrated in the honor of Gugga Pir. It usually falls under the lunar month of Bhadon. During the ceremony, many devotees paint the walls of the temples in turmeric. People also paint various images of snakes in black and blue in colors. They offer milk and water on the day of the festival. On the day of the festival, liquid is poured into the holes of the snake sculpture. They also make dish sevian.

Gugga Naumi Festival is celebrated in the state of Haryana and Punjab. The ceremony and rituals is held mostly in the temples as devotees pour in, in numbers from various places and villages. They offer prayers to the Pir for their families and themselves. Devotees who carry it out are also known as the Pir’s house. PirKesolle like devotional songs is sung most of the days of Gugga Naumi Festival.