This as the name suggests, is danced to celebrate the mellow month of Phalguna but most of all to revel in the colourful festival of Holi in the Faridabad district of Haryana. Holi is the great leveler when rich and poor, men and poor, men and women all get together and shed their inhabitations. The inspiration behind this, of course, is the Ras Leela of Shri Krishna on the banks of the river Yamuna. The dancers come together, attracted by the sounds of the Tasha, Nagara and Dhol. The men come running singing ‘Phagun Aaya Rang Bhara Rey Lal’. They dance in a circle acting out the spirit of Holi with its Gulal and Pichkaris. The women in their colourful Ghagras appear. The men beckon them to join them shouting invitation and encouragement. The women come in carrying ‘Koraras’, which are knotted lengths of cloth. They sneak in and out among the men and try to hit them with the ‘Koraras’, while they defend themselves as best as they can with ‘Shuntis’. The rhythm gets faster and faster.