A ritualistic dance performed in the procession taken out in memory of Gugga Pir. He is worshiped in Haryana by both Hindus and Muslims. A group of devotees are chosen to be the main dancers. They carry their own musical instruments like Deru, Thali, Chimta etc. and dance to the beat creating a piritually charged atmosphere.

The folk dances of Haryana are repositories of traditions handed down from generation to generation. The Dhamal traces its roots to the Mahabharata. Saangs and Raginis are woven into the every fabric of Haryana’s folk tradition. In their songs are immortalized folk heroes of the past. In their traditions as in any other are seen shades of the traditions of neighboring states. Seeing is believing they say and the richness, variety, rustic vigour and elan of Haryana folk-dances have to be seen to actually appreciate their aesthetic and visual qualities.